Music Village

Summer Village Festival 2013

PASCAL MOHY Trio Pascal Mohy (piano), Ben Sluis (alt sax), Sal la Rocca (doublebass). – Three of our top Belgian jazz cats pay a cool tribute to the melodies and the smart arrangements of DUKE ELLINGTON music. An intense and penetrating music Summer evening. Jazz is in your soul…

FAM’and JAZZ Fest. 2013

Denise KING & Olivier HUTMAN Trio FAM’and JAZZ Fest. July 13  8:30pm. After a first album “No Tricks“, released in 2011, hailed by critics and audience, with a tour of 70 dates, it is natural that Denise King Olivier Hutman had wanted to go back together in the studio during summer 2012. Their new album, “Give

Gent jazz festival 2013

Sal La Rocca Band friday 12 july 2013 Gent Jazz Festival Sal La Rocca (double bass) Erwin Vann (tenor saxophone), Lorenzo Di Maio (guitar), Jozef Dumoulin (piano) en Hans van Oosterhout (drums) Initially briefly interested in guitar rock, Sal La Rocca discovered the jazz genre in the early 1980s.He traded the guitar for the bass

Upcoming Show: Music Village Jazz Club (BE)

Denise KING – Philadelphian Denise KING is a singer whose naturally beautiful voice, vibrato and phrasing please musicians as well as fans. Whether she’s singing a Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald or Sarah Vaughan standard, or a Gladys Knight or Aretha Franklin cover, she puts her heart and soul into every note. Denise  KING & Olivier