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Sal La Rocca – It Could Be the End (Igloo)**** Northern Europe boasts many excellent players, so it’s no surprise
to find a quintet this good from the buttoned-up city of Brussels.
It’s led by a resonant double bassist, a gifted composer who has
a distinctive and hypermodern touch. Two Belgians, guitarist Lorenzo di Maio and pianist Pascal


SOON IN BELGIUM ! Denise King (US) Quartet

Denise King (US) Quartet Denise King (voc), Ivan Paduart (piano), Sal La Rocca (d.bass), Mimi Verderame (drums).   About : Denise King was born and raised in West Philadelphia and is the third of five children. She was “discovered” by a friend who heard her singing outside of her home and introduced her to the world


FRI 31.03 PHIL ABRAHAM 4TET Music Village (BE) Phil Abraham (trombone, vocals), Fabien Degryse (guitar), Sal La Rocca (bass), Thomas Grimmonprez (drums) One of the pillars of jazz in Belgium is back to the Village ! Mr Phil Abraham has taken part in more than fifty albums, won many prizes and has played with Michel


CD Release ‘We are One’ Ingrid Nomad

‘We are One’ Ingrid Nomad March 24 Ingrid Nomad has released her debut album ‘We are One’ ! It is a record to be heard with haunting lyrics about the signs of the times. Musicians Sabin Todorov (Piano), Sal La Rocca (Double Bass), Stephan Pougin (Drums/percussion) and Annemie Osborne (Cello) all as a whole make

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"Glistens like a chandelier, all its many facets, complicated and intricate, with a mellow and exacting groove. Nothing apocalyptic here."   Fiona's Comments

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