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LDH Tour 2017 – Wolf In The Wood

Wolf in the Wood Latin Jazz Anne Wolf piano Stefan Bracaval flutes Sal La Rocca double bass Falk Schrauwen congas EN : With this quartet “of wood”, piano-double bass-congas and flutes, Anne Wolf offers a particular sound; warm and groovy, festive one might almost say ! She deliberately has left her own repertoire to explore freer structures

RV CAPARROS Band @ L’An Vert (BE)

Rue Mathieu Polain, 4 – 4020 Liège – 0494/420 495 – 04/342 12 00 Contact Partenaires Archives PDF Samedi 18 novembre 2017 : HERVE CAPARROS Band   Born in Corsica, Hervé Caparros learned to play the guitar by himself, at the age of 16. He was then under the influence of rock and blues music,

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