Evening STANDARD – Review

Sal La Rocca – It Could Be the End (Igloo)****

Northern Europe boasts many excellent players, so it’s no surprise
to find a quintet this good from the buttoned-up city of Brussels.
It’s led by a resonant double bassist, a gifted composer who has
a distinctive and hypermodern touch. Two Belgians, guitarist Lorenzo di Maio and pianist Pascal Mohy,contribute elegant solos, but the star turn is really Jacques Schwartz-Bart, a world-class tenorist from Guadeloupe who has
toured with US trumpeter Roy Hargrove a few years back.
His serpentine lines are always a pleasure to follow but it’s La Rocca’s
simple-sounding yet artfully harmonised themes that make this album special.
The only standard here is Crescent, a John Coltrane lament
that inspires solos worthy of its composer.


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